How to - New Parent Info

Welcome to Pleon! Below you will find information for those new to the club and/or sailing.

Drop off / Pick up

During camp hours, parents are not allowed on the club premises. This enables sailors to become independent, seeking out help from coaches and other sailors as needed, as opposed to relying on parents Parents should leave their children at the parent-gate at drop off and wait at the gate at pick up time. The Director, Commodore, and/or other Pleon representative will be at the gate to welcome your sailorIf you need to talk to your child’s coach, please have someone send the coach to meet you at the gateFor more advanced classes, sailors are expected to be rigged and ready to sail at the designated start time of their class, so please drop off 20-30 minutes earlier. Coaches will confirm if this is the case for their classesDepending on conditions, sailors may come off the water later than anticipated and therefore may not have put their boats away on time. Please be patient if they are slightly delayed, as taking responsibility for and care of their boats and gear is a core tenant of Pleon


Please look to the website and calendar for most club events / informationA mandatory Parent Info Night will be held at the start of the summer to meet coaches, see the club, and get more information on the summer program. This is a great and important opportunity during which many questions will be answeredKeep an eye out for regular emails from the Program Director and/or Commodore during the summer regarding upcoming events and other club-wide communications, including schedule changesClass-specific information will also be distributed via email and/or What’s App. More information on this will be sent out in a welcome email at the beginning of the summerEach class will have a team parent who can answer questions, and act as liaison between parents and staff. This parent will communicate with the full class rosterPlease contact the team parent prior to the Director, as this will hopefully save time and streamline communicationIf needed, the team parent will request other parents fill the role of regatta parent and provide additional regatta support for each event (see Regattas section for more info)


Daily personal gear - Sailors must show up to Pleon each day with the following:

Lifejacket / PFDHat SunglassesBuffWearing sunscreenBathing suit / waterproof shortsClosed toe sandals or other water shoesTowelChange of bathing suit / clothesRaincoat or dry topSnackWater bottle

Many sailors also use the below optional gear (Marblehead Outfitters has a great selection and will provide a 20% discount for Pleon sailors)

Booties – can provide strong grip to the side of the boat
Sailing Gloves - these can be especially helpful for regattas given the long days on the water; garden gloves are also a comfortable and affordable option
Dry top – this is a waterproof jacket with tight cuffs at wrists and neck. Helpful for wet and/or cooler days. A regular rain jacket with tight cuffs can work as well

Boats - Optis and 420s can be purchased for your sailor on your own or you can rent a club boat. It can be helpful to have other tools/spare parts on hand as well

Private boats – within Marblehead, many Optis are posted on Facebook sale pages and even can be found in driveways/yards with “For Sale” signs. Craigslist is another good platform to find a used boat for sale
Club boats – when registering for a session, indicate that you would like to rent a club boat for the season. Coaches look to have kids use the same boat each day, and they can help adjust them as needed
Spare parts/tools – Pleon has a workshop with many spare parts and tools needed to repair boats. The Bosun (Pleon staff member in charge of equipment) and/or coaches may recommend additional parts be purchased to enhance boat performance or safety

Periodically throughout the season, coaches may recommend updates/changes to the rigging or parts used on your child’s boat. Please follow their recommendations whenever possible

Classes, Schedule, and Fun Events

Your sailors’ weekly schedule is listed on the website under Sailing – Summer Schedule & PricingParticularly at the start of the season, coaches may adjust sailors’ class assignments to ensure they are at a level that is most appropriate to foster their learning and development. This may result in price and schedule changes, of which the Director will alert youThere are several special sailing days which may lead to shifts in class schedule and attendance. Please check the Pleon calendar for these events. A preliminary list is below:

  • Wednesday Race Series – held most Wednesdays, this is a season-long regatta for the race and development teams

  • Venture Trophy – younger female sailors are paired with older for a match race style 420 fun regatta. Female sailors may be asked to come in the afternoon regardless of their class assignment; male sailors’ schedule may change as well

  •  America’s Cup – a round robin, match racing style event held on 420s for all sailors. Stay tuned for schedule adjustments

  • Carlton Trophy – single-handed event, open to anyone who can tell the bow from the stern of a boat

Pleon also hosts many social activities open to all members. Dates and information will be listed on the calendar; overview information is as follows:

  • Movie nights – typically attended by younger members, these events screen a movie in the clubhouse with popcorn and treats

  • Terrific Tuesday – themed days each week during which sailors are encouraged to come dressed to match the theme.

  • Wednesday race series BBQ – most Wednesdays, coaches and the Commodore will grill burgers and hot dogs for afternoon sailors as they come off the water. This may lead to your sailor requesting a later than normal pick-up time!

  • Great Day – a fun day held at the end of the season with sailors under 12 attending in the morning; those over 12 in the afternoon. Typical events include slip n slide, water balloons, chubby bunny, egg toss, greased watermelon, etc., and of course there is the legendary cake fight at noon for all sailors! Please be sure to bring a cake to throw!

  •  Commodore’s Ball – for sailors 14 and up, this is a night on the Hannah Glover for older Pleon Sailors

  • Sailor’s Ball – for sailors under 14, a fun evening at the clubhouse to celebrate the season and hang out with friends

  • Club elections – typically held during the last week of the summer session during Great Day. This is an important time to vote for club leadership for the follow year. This event is mandatory for all Pleon sailors

  • Awards Night – usually held the last week of program, an evening to mark and celebrate Pleon sailors’ achievements throughout the year


In the event of inclement weather, please be on the lookout for communication from Pleon
To the extent possible, classes will operate per their normal schedule. If conditions do not allow sailing, alternatives will be found on land to keep sailors occupied and engagedIf weather is extreme and it is not safe to be at the clubhouse, much less on the water, the Director will send communication regarding cancellation and pick up procedure

Clean Up Days

Pleon will schedule 4 cleanup days during the year to keep the club and equipment in ship shape. It is mandatory for each sailor to attend at least 1 and bring a parent.

More Info

More info can be found on the website under Parent Info – Brochure/Handbook and under Parent Info – How to – Regatta.  Should you have any questions that are not answered here, please reach out to the Director.