How To - Regattas

Regatta Parent Info

There is a calendar of events, which includes regattas, on Coaches will recommend which events are appropriate for your sailor
Registration links may be available via the Pleon website or can be found by googling the eventCost for each regatta registration varies and depends on the number of days of the event, the location, food provided, etc.Pleon will decide which regattas the club will attend. 6 kids will need to register for an event in order for Pleon to send a coach. It is important to respond to coaches when they ask who plans to attendCoordination – The fleet parent will assign a regatta parent to coordinate regatta logistics such as coach food, sailor snacks and drinks, rides/carpools, and trailering. This parent will look to other parents for support and may assign jobs to help prepare for an eventThe Notice of Race (NOR) is typically posted on the host club event website and the registration site. This will contain all the timing and logistic info you will need for the event. Single day regattas are usually the full day; multi-day event timing varies


Sailors and parents are generally on their own to travel to a regatta. They can go by car or boat and can coordinate with other families to car/boat-poolSailors are responsible for bringing their own boats, rig, blades, and dollyOptis can fit on the top of most cars with appropriate straps (or inside larger SUVs); 420s need to be traileredPleon does have multiple trailers which can be used/borrowed with the consent of the program director Depending on regatta location, coach boats can be taken by coaches via water or may require a parent to trailer them. This will be coordinated by Pleon and the regatta parent – volunteers to trailer are always appreciatedInformation about boat storage is usually included in the NOR or the regatta registration webpage


The hosting club for a given regatta will often provide food for sailors. The event webpage will provide this information. If your child has allergies or is a picky eater, we recommend you bring your own foodEven if lunch is supplied by the host club, bring a dry bag in which sailors can place their food and water bottle to be put in the coach boat, making it available to them while on the waterParents supply the coaches’ lunches. This is typically a rotating responsibility, and parents can volunteer to provide these lunches via the regatta parent in communication leading up to the eventParents also typically provide snacks and drinks for sailors to be stored on the coach boats. This, too, is a rotating responsibility coordinated by the regatta parentGranola/energy bars, fruit snacks, pretzels, chips, etc. are great sailor snacks – anything that is easy to eat quickly and will not make a mess!If possible, the regatta parent may coordinate a team dinner or other outing. Coaches should be included in any plans, and the cost for coach participation shared across the families in attendance


If a multi-day regatta, families can opt to stay overnight nearby or travel home and back each day. Pleon (or other families who have attended the event in past years) can usually provide recommendations on accommodation options. In some cases, the hosting club may recommend accommodationsThe Pleon regatta parent may reserve a block of rooms and alert all families traveling so that they can be at the same hotel, potentially with a discounted rateDepending on regatta location, coaches may spend the night. If this is the case, families of the sailors in attendance share the cost of the hotel. This is coordinated ahead of time by the regatta parent and will be discussed among the families attendingGiven that many regattas are in popular summer destinations, making reservations as soon as possible is recommended

Additional Expenses

Families attending a given regatta will share the cost for coach attendance, including accommodations, food, and transportation
Coach expenses will be tallied after the event and invoices sent to parents, as needed, to cover these costs

The Day Of

Coaches will alert sailors to the time they are to be “rigged and ready” on each day of a regatta. Sailors should then show up at the venue with sufficient time to rig and prepare their boats for the day prior to the “rigged and ready” timeThe host club typically hold a skippers’ meeting on the first morning of a regatta, prior to launch. This will be listed in the NOR, and all sailors must attend
Coaches will hold a meeting each morning and usually a debrief after sailing for each day of the regatta. Pay attention to coaches’ communication about the timing and location of these meeting