Offshore Sailing

In partnership with the Collegiate Offshore Sailing Circuit (COSC), Pleon is introducing a new and exciting program to their Summer Sailing line up: The Offshore Sailing Program. This program is designed to promote and provide access to offshore racing for teens. Spend time under the night sky with friends, learn your way around a Beneteau Figaro and develop those foundational skills of safety, navigation, electronics and much more.



• 2 teams of 4 junior sailors, sailing 2 Figaro 2s, with the support of a safety officer/coach per boat, to complete the Downeast Challenge (MHD - BoothBay Harbor)

• Team members complete US Sailing Online Offshore Safety at Sea to gain certification

• Each sailor develops offshore skills of safety, navigation, electronics, mechanics, boat handling, weather strategy, watch-keeping, log-keeping, communications, provisioning

• From June 23 to July 30, 2022



• 2 x Beneteau Figaro 2s (to train together); 5-week program

• 4 sailors + 1 Safety Officer/Coach per boat => 8 sailors & 2 coaches

• 2 weeknights each week (5pm to 8pm); 5 weekends sailing both days

• Cost per person; $ 2,800



This program is specifically for teens ages 14+. Previous sailing experience is preferred, but not a requirement. Sailors should be comfortable sailing offshore, overnight and potentially in windy conditions.

The program will need a minimum number of registered sailors in order to make it viable. If you have any questions, please send an email to



• Waterproof duffle

• Life Jacket (harness/tether on boat)

• Foul Weather Gear (dry suit ok)

• 8-10 Ziplocs to organize gear

• Sea- or dinghy-boots; boat shoes

• Sunglasses & sunglasses

• Headlamp with red light

• Reusable Water Bottle

• Toothbrush & small toothpaste

• Quick-Dry towel

• Seasick & prescription medication


• 2 pairs wool socks

• 2 changes underwear

• Long underwear (top & bottom)

• 1 pair long pants; 1 pair of shorts

• 1 long sleeved shirt; 1 short-sleeved shirt

• 1 wool or fleece sweater

• 1 wool or fleece hat; hat for sunshade

• Sailing gloves, warm gloves or waterproof gloves

• Rigging knife


More information at